FairPlay Streaming DRM by Apple

FairPlay Streaming is Apple’s DRM system used exclusively to secure video content for delivery across Apple products and services.

If you are looking to deliver protected live or on-demand video to Apple devices, DRMtoday provides a FairPlay Streaming licensing solution for you. We have already implemented FairPlay Streaming for a number of customers, and can help cut down your deployment time through our streamlined service.

Due to a policy requirement from Apple, you must apply for an additional certificate agreement directly through them for their DRM system to become available to you.

Supported Content

The video content format Apple currently supports with FairPlay Streaming is:

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Supported Platforms

Examples of platforms that use FairPlay Streaming include:

  • iOS devices (including iPads and iPhones)
  • Safari browser (HTML5 playback)
  • Apple TV
  • iMac
  • MacBook

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