DRMtoday Features

Setting up the licensing and implementation of even a single digital rights management (DRM) system can be a complex drain on your organization’s resources. We’re here to help.

With our service, industry leading DRM schemes are already set-up and ready to use saving you time and money.

Whether you provide content by live stream, video-on-demand (VoD), or download, your platform is compatible. Media assets remain on your server infrastructure while we handle the licensing for you.

Reach your audience any way they watch

Other licensing services may only support a few DRM systems giving you low device coverage. With DRMtoday, you can be sure that your video service will reach the widest consumer base with protected content by supporting DRM systems for all screens.

Please note: Apple requires a separate agreement with them for their DRM system to be used.

License Delivery Network

Our cloud service runs across reliable Amazon Web Services infrastructure allowing you to scale quickly based on your needs. Utilizing multiple data center regions around the world, DRMtoday operates as a CDN for license key delivery ensuring low latency as well as solid redundancy.

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Low latency key delivery

Faster start time for your viewers

When your customers wish to view content, they don’t want to wait for playback to begin. Compared to some other DRM services, we utilize multi-region key delivery to minimize the licensing turnaround time letting your customers enjoy content sooner.


Easy implementation

Get up and running fast with our straightforward developer API. Just one integration is required with your existing delivery infrastructure to access multiple DRM systems.

Secured format

Securing your format

Our service allows you to deliver secured content using common video streaming formats:

MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming

Common Encryption

Common Encryption

DRMtoday unlocks the full potential of Common Encryption (CENC) by supplying licensing for protected content across compatible DRM systems: PlayReady, Widevine, and CMLA-OMA.

Online Dashboard

Our easy to use web-based frontend includes comprehensive functionality to help you manage and monitor your licensing activity. Some of the features include:

  • Overview and management of your assets
  • Configure licence delivery and authentication behavior
  • License delivery log
  • Key ingestion
  • Callback URL testing

Reseller management

Using our dashboard, resellers can manage their own individual clients and provide them with separate administration accounts.


DRMtoday dashboard

Easily enable DRM with leading industry technologies

Are you using one of these popular streaming technology providers? We’ve partnered with each company to make DRMtoday compatible with their workflows. This allows you to smoothly enable and access DRM licensing when using their services.

AWS Marketplace

Also available on AWS Marketplace

DRMtoday is also available on the AWS Marketplace as a pay-as-you-go deployment option for AWS Media Services users who utilize AWS Elemental MediaConvert or AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

Passenger entertainment solutions

We also offer an offline version of DRMtoday designed to license protected content for in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems as well as streaming networks operating on trains, buses, cruise ships, and ferries.


Onboard Entertainment Systems

Hardware security & output protection control

Managing hardware security is essential to meet studio requirements for UHD/4K, HDR, and other next-generation quality content. In addition to software-based DRM, our service provides licensing for hardware-security levels in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

You can also selectively enforce stream behavior from the server-side based on a device’s security level. For example, you can identify if a device is secure enough to play UHD quality content or if the bit rate should be limited. This is especially useful when providing high resolution studio content which typically requires hardware-DRM.

Hardware DRM security

Single supplier for all of your DRM needs

We focus on meeting all of your needs when it comes to DRM protected video delivery. Our suite of products and services position us as a single-supplier solution for DRM licensing, players, and encryption/packaging.

Sourcing just one supplier for these components simplifies your operations across each touchpoint along the DRM workflow. Discover the unique benefits we can provide you with our complementary video delivery products and services.

Farncombe Security Audit for DRMtoday

DRMtoday has received the Farncombe Security Audit mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our service.

Get started today

Setting up DRM licensing is simpler than you’d think! Start by contacting our team of DRM experts. We’ll help select a plan that’s right for you and provide assistance through our straightforward integration process.

You’re almost on your way to securing video content.