DRMtoday for Onboard Entertainment Systems

Playing studio content through passenger entertainment systems presents unique challenges when digital rights management (DRM) is required. Our solution helps simplify secured playback for these scenarios.

We offer an offline version of our DRMtoday service designed to license protected content for in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems as well as streaming networks operating on trains, buses, cruise ships, and ferries.

DRMtoday can also be deployed in other environments with limited or no internet access, or where keys need to be stored locally instead of in the cloud.

End-to-end workflow components

Our passenger entertainment solution consists of these modular elements:

Offline DRM backend

Offline DRM backend

We provide these DRM systems for offline licensing of video and audio tracks across a wide range of devices.

Player software

Player software

DRMtoday can be used with already implemented playback applications or our DRM-enabled player solutions.

We provide feature-rich Android/iOS player SDKs and a comprehensive cross-browser application for protected playback on customer-owned or onboard devices.


Content preparation

Content preparation

Our Video Toolkit cloud service offers encryption, encoding, and packaging to process media assets for onboard delivery. Our service has already been used to prepare content for a leading European airline.

Safe synchronisation

Safe synchronisation

Safely moving studio content onto transportation entertainment servers is an important security procedure to consider. We support various content and key loading scenarios including the use of network or physical storage transfer.

Player hardware options

Our solution is flexible allowing DRM licensing to be delivered either across onboard playback hardware or passenger-owned devices.

Current playback hardware

Utilize existing screens

Our solution can be implemented for use with already installed entertainment system playback hardware.


Enable BYOD

DRMtoday can be installed alongside WiFi infrastructure to enable ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) wireless streaming for protected playback on Android/iOS smartphones and tablets as well as browsers on laptops.

Example scenario: in-flight entertainment

Content preparation

Before content can be loaded onto an aircraft’s server for distribution, it must first be encrypted and packaged for delivery.

We can provide this step through our Video Toolkit cloud service.

Inflight entertainment

Content synchronisation

Encrypted content and license data (keys/keyseeds) are easily and securely stored on the plane’s onboard streaming server where DRMtoday is also installed.

A single storage format can optionally be used to reach HLS based FairPlay Streaming devices as well as devices supporting MPEG-DASH or Smooth Streaming.

Inflight entertainment

Playback request

When a passenger requests playback, the onboard DRMtoday service determines the encryption key and generates a license for the DRM system used by the playback device.

We can provide you with player applications to achieve DRM-enabled playback.

Inflight entertainment

License delivery

DRMtoday delivers the content license to the passenger’s player application, content is decrypted on the device, and playback begins.

Inflight entertainment

Low hardware footprint

Our solution’s footprint is small needing only a simple local server. As system requirements are minimal, low-cost or existing onboard server technology can often be used.

For example, when delivering to mobiles using the CMLA-OMA DRM system, DRMtoday Onboard can even be run on a Raspberry Pi.



APEX membership

Changes in technology and consumer expectations create unique challenges for in-flight entertainment. To ensure we continually meet the airline industry’s needs our parent company, castLabs, has become a member of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

Airline Passenger Experience Association

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