Encryption and Packaging Service

To distribute video securely, it must first be encrypted.

In addition to our DRM licensing, we also provide a scalable Video Toolkit cloud service for processing content into DRM-protected adaptive bitrate streaming formats. Our powerful service offers high-quality encryption, encoding/transcoding, subtitle conversion, and packaging workflow options to prepare your video for end-user delivery.

Powered by Amazon Web Services, Video Toolkit uses multiple regions and parallel processing for quick turnaround of content file processing.


Video Toolkit is provided through our primary castLabs products and services site. Visit castlabs.com for more information on how our full suite of offerings can benefit you.

Content encryption tools

Video Toolkit


Our service can encrypt your video assets for studio-recognized DRM protection using the Common Encryption standard or with Apple’s FairPlay Streaming scheme.

Protected processing

When processing content with Video Toolkit, your assets are encrypted along the entire workflow chain to guarantee complete security: from the first file transfer to the consumer-ready output file-set.

Automatic key ingestion

Video Toolkit also works seamlessly together with DRMtoday allowing your license keys to be ingested automatically during encryption for safe storage and delivery. Plus, when using Common Encryption, only one license key per title is needed for use across all compatible DRM systems.


Supported inputs

  • 100+ video/audio codecs & formats to ensure your assets are compatible
  • Any resolution including SD, HD, and UHD/4K +
  • Subtitles: TTML, WebVTT, SRT


Supported outputs

  • Streaming formats: MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS
  • Encryption: FairPlay Streaming, Common Encryption (CENC)
    CENC is compatible with PlayReady®, Widevine Modular, and CMLA-OMA DRM schemes
  • Video: H.265 (HEVC), H.264 (AVC), VP9
  • Audio: AAC, DTS
  • Subtitles: TTML, WebVTT, SRT

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